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Michelle Skiba, MA, LMFT

Individual Therapy

There are several reasons for reaching out to seek answers and healing. Many times, people experience deep pain from past trauma, a loss in their life or become overwhelmed and need additional skills for coping with stress or relational conflict. Using client centered therapy, I will work with you to bring deeper awareness while exploring present and past experiences that influence your current struggle. We will work collaboratively to discover your strengths and use your inner resources and new tools to restore sustainable balance to your life.

Couples Therapy

There are times when it feels like your relationship has become stagnant or the connection you once felt has disappeared. Maybe you sense that you & your partner are no longer going in the same direction due to struggles with addiction, an affair, grief or a life transition. Many times the loss of emotional, physical or sexual intimacy creates lonliness and distance. Our work together will explore these struggles by examining how you currently relate to one another. Together, we will uncover each partner's needs in order to facilitate change in your relationship with fresh awareness, creating deeper understanding and empathy for each other. Effective change can occur with commitment to this process and to each other.